Comic Strip Network artists contributing art for Cartoon Overlord

Our artists are busy building characters and backgrounds for the improv comedy show Cartoon Overlord. Na Ree who has helped us convert comics for the network was on stage at the April 8th performance. The video camera monitored her progress and was projected on LCD screens that bordered each end of the stage. She created several characters including and an audience request for a blood doctor. It looks like she had a good time.

Darren Jones of Mostly Heads had to give his characters bodies. The Overlord demanded it. I guess you could say they were more than Mostly Heads. Darren's Fancy Tie Man (should have been a character on X Files) displayed his impeccable flair.

Kim Johansson, a new artist on the network, helped the Overlord for a performance. He sent two teenagers and a mom to the Overlord for cartoonization. Why the teenagers were mowing the basement? This was explained in full by the Overloard's minions (improv actors) who voice the cartoons.

Mike Wallster had a Yankee's baseball fan that was a hit. The alien landing background, with an alien character included, gave the minions something to work with.

Upcoming is Clayton Hollifield's Zenjeff character and a teenage girl with braces. We will let you know how that turns out.

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Created April 26, 2007